[FREEing] BLAZBLUE Makoto Nanaya

The adventurous close combat fighter with incredible speed and power! From the 2D fighting game series, ‘BLAZBLUE’ comes this 1/7th scale of the squirrel-girl, Makoto Nanaya!

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Her adorable squirrel tail and ears are poking out of her sexy outfit as she stands in a pose ready for combat – holding her two cross shaped tonfa in her hands. She’s ready for the final round of this match!

[FREEing] BLAZBLUE Makoto Nanaya figure’s status is “RELEASED” via Amiami’s English Site ( same goes to the JP Site ) for 6,520 JPY ($85.55 USD). Clicking the link below transfers you to the order page. Item is limited to 3 per person/individual.

[FREEing] BLAZBLUE Makoto Nanaya – 6,520 JPY ($85.55 USD) – Amiami English Site


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