[ 10-23-2011 ] GRAVITY : Blizzcon – Diablo 3 Black Soulstone Trailer!

Another Blizzcon exclusive! Blizzard unveils the latest trailer of Diablo 3 titled “Black Soulstone” featuring the voice of Fem-Shep ( Female Shephard – Mass Effect ).

According to the trailer, It seems that the demon talking in the said trailer could be Baal or another one of the brothers of Mephisto, Baal & Diablo. The soulstone is nothing new to the players of Diablo and if the game would revolve and would actually be as to what the trailer stated. Its going to be one hell of a fight literally in this continuation of Blizzard’s RPG game, Diablo III.

Release Date of Diablo 3 is not yet announced but the Limited Edition of the said title was just unveiled during Blizzcon.


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