[ 10-18-2011 ] Gravity : Cats, Dinosaur and an Arcade stick! (PT.3)

Namco Bandai is proud to present the exclusive Tekken Hybrid Arcade Stick By Mad Catz.

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The said Arcade stick is exclusive for the Extreme Edition of the Tekken Hybrid that will be released next month. The said package will include the following:
The TEKKEN® Hybrid Extreme Edition also includes:

[+] TEKKEN®Hybrid Limited Edition Soundtrack – 2 disc soundtrack set with music tracks from TEKKEN® Tag Tournament and TEKKEN® Tag Tournament 2

[+] TEKKEN® Hybrid Artbook – Artbook containing artwork and background information on the TEKKEN® series, production stills from TEKKEN Blood Vengeance Movie, character renderings and more.

[+] PSN Home content – TEKKEN themed costumes and accessories for use in the PlayStation Home network

[+] LIMITED EDITION “TEKKEN® Hybrid” NAMCO ARCADE FIGHTSTICK: Tournament Edition (S)– Exclusive all-black Namco Fightstick by Mad Catz

Namco Fightstick by Mad Catz Specs:

– Each fight stick is individually numbered for authenticity
– Authentic Japanese-style Sanwa Denshi joystick & buttons
– Sleek “S” design FightStick casing
– 8-button layout with additional multi-speed Turbo functionality
– Premium-quality components with genuine arcade layout
– Controller lock/unlock switch prevents accidental button presses
– 13 FT USB Cable with internal cable storage
– Connect to console via lag free USB
– Storage compartment for efficient cable management
– 3-way switch enables joystick to function as left or right analog stick or D-Pad
– Works with all PlayStation 3 models

one thing to note about this particular Arcade stick is that it is limited to 1,000 unit(s) and is available for pre-order with a maximum of 2 per individual. The said bundle retails for $249.99 USD. I already own an Arcade Stick that i’m using for Tekken and Street Fighter IV: AE and not to mention this is manufactured by Mad Catz wherein there is a huge strain in their products that doesn’t last long as compared to HORI (Rumor has it that Mad Catz controllers die after a few dish out of hadouken(s) in SF IV : AE. Regarless, fans who can spare an extra cash and have yet to own an arcade stick, this would be a good chance! Head to Club Namco by clicking the link below to preorder your copy.

– Club Namco – Tekken Hybrid Extreme Edition –


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