[ 10-15-2011 ] GRAVITY : Street Fighter X Tekken Battle System Breakdown + GEM System!

As time nears the release of the said much awaited cross-over. Capcom unveils the Battle System Breakdown of Street Fighter X Tekken at the NYCC (New York Comic Con).

The versatility of the game seems endless as each gauge fills up during the battle and counters are all but possible even if you are in a pinch. One thing to note though is the newly unveiled feature which is the GEM SYSTEM. Gems allow users to enhance a character’s battle capabilities. Gems come in different color in order to highlight its respective capabilities such as power, speed etc.

When this was unveiled during the NYCC. Fans are in disbelief as to what they saw during CAPCOM’s Street Fighter X Tekken panel. One even shouted “No Power Ups!”. It is understandable and also everyone was caught by surprise that capcom revived the GEM BATTLE SYSTEM.

GEM BATTLE SYSTEM isn’t new to be precise. Veteran players easily recall the game “Marvel Super Heroes” Arcade game. In the said game, you can obtain gems that really boost up the gameplay wherein its near uncanny to defeat one who holds all the gems and call upon their capability if the bearer wills it.

Gems in that game can turn the tide in a blink of an eye and gamers are still thinking “Is it really worth it fighting someone who uses that kind of power?”. Not to fret Capcom’s Ono announced that players can filter their Online Gameplay to face or not face a player who wants to use the said Battle System.

Streey Fighter X Tekken will be one hell of a fighting game with its remarkable advancement in the fighting game genre and will hit shelves this March of 2012 ( Same month as of Mass Effect 3 ).


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