[ 10-7-2011 ] Tekken Hybrid Bundles for US and JP

Another bundle is on its way although this one was previously announced already. Tekken Hybrid bundles for NA and Jp differ greatly to the point that getting the JP seems to be the best option which are all mutually exclusive for the PS3.

Namco decided to layout two bundles versions for the Tekken Hybrid. For the NA, the game is bundled with:

[+] Tekken Hybrid Disc ( complete with the Tekken : Blood Vengeance Movie, Tekken Tag 2 Prologue and Tekken Tag HD )

[+] Tekken Hybrid Artbook ( Yes, it’s a physical item not a digital ) containing art from Tekken Hybrid, production stills from Tekken Blood Vengeance, character renderings etc.

[+] 2 full length music CDs containing fan favorite tracks from Tekken Tag HD and Tekken Tag 2

[+] PSN Home content: Tekken themed costumes and accessories.

Japan however seems to ended up with the best bundle for this title. Their bundle includes a lovely art from Shunya Yamashita ( Yup, the awesome guy does it again! ).

Tekken players now have 2 options. Get the Japan exclusive or stick with the NA realease. NA version is set for November 22nd while the Japanese bundle is for Dec. 1st.


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