[ 10-7-2011 ] Gravity : Monster Box for the new 3DS Slide Pad

Monster Hunter 3G for the 3DS gets two bundles. One worth the purchase for Monster Hunter Fans and the other most probably will be left at the shelves.

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Nintendo may seem to know the inevitable faith of their 3DS slide pad decided to allure game enthusiasts with the current game bundle mutually exclusive for the upcoming game, Monster Hunter 3G for the 3DS.

The said bundle comes in two formats. One is the 3DS slide pad bundled with the game itself housed in an oversized box while the other one is the 3DS Unit bundled with the game, complete with flagship monster emblem printed on the external body of the said unit.

The 3DS Slide Pad + Game Bundle will retail for 6,990 JPY ( $91.00 ) while the Unit + Game goes for 20,00 JPY ( $271 ) and are both set for release come this December 10th. Also on that date itself, the 3DS Slide pad is readily available for purchase for 1,500 JPY ( $20 ).

As commented and reviewed by different game website, blogss and writers alike, the said 3DS Slide pad at the moment is not what many expected thus purchasing it is not highly recommended. Best deal is to have users wait for a refashion of the 3DS with the slide pad already included.

Monster Hunter fans of the 3DS need not fret for the 3DS Slide Pad is “NOT A REQUIREMENT TO PLAY THE GAME”.


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