[ 10-4-2011 ] Gravity : Pre-orders of Final Fantasy XIII-2 come in different flavors

Preorders for Final Fantasy XIII-2 outside Japan have already begun with the participants ” Gamestop ” , ” Amazon ” and ” Best Buy ” competing as to who gets the highest preoder sales!. Read up to know their packages and who gets the thumbs up!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the sequel to SquareEnix recently released rpg game, Final Fantasy XIII. Japanese copies of the game consists of Serah’s life stealing bow not to mention the diva microphone and swords for Noel. Outside japan though is a different story.

Preorder the game via Gamestop allows players to get an exclusive costume for Serah Farron. Serah is beautiful already in her outfit for this title and she gets a wardrobe makeover all thanks to this package is a sure fire way to get a Final Fantasy fanboy’s attention. This is something that a game fashionista should not pass.

On the other hand, preordering at Amazon allows players to battle Omega! In the history of Final Fantasy, the title Omega echoes through each title carrying the feeling of challenge ( Omega Weapon ) and the smell of awesome item drops. Not to mention, the word Omega itself in the game denotes finality and the destructiveness of certain weapons. That said, preordering a copy via Amazon gets you to fight this boss and not to mention, upon winning the battle with Omega, players get to have it join them in their noble quest! Getting a badass party member is something but getting a badass and a party-mate that can kick anyone’s butt is on top of anyone’s list!

Last but not the least is Best Buy. Anyone who preordered with them gets a hardcover copy of Final Fantasy XIII – Episode i -, a previously japan exclusive novel that connects the first title to its sequel. Memorabilia is very very important to any fan of the game. May it be electronic (in-game) or even just the cover of the game disc. But to get a content that one can hold and read and not to mention understand the missing piece of puzzle of their favorite game is something. Not to mention, they can brag it anytime compared to electronic content seems to be more appropriate if you ask me.

For all Final Fantasy fan out there, pick your poison. Everyone is entitled as to how they wish to get their memorabilia but if you are going to ask me, you’d best get two copies. Get one from Gamestop for Serah’s costume and get one from Best Buy. I know its too much but passing on either one of them is not an option if you ask me (unless your short on cash). Omega sure is nice but i’m pretty sure you’d get to beat the game using Serah and the gang as you level them up and develop tactics to win each fight.

Amazon.com – Final Fantasy XIII-2 : Omega
Best Buy – Final Fantasy XIII-2 : Exclusive Final Fantasy XIII – Episode i – Hard Cover
Gamestop – Final Fantasy XIII-2 : Exclusive Serah Faron Alternate Costume DLC


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