[ 9-15-2011 ] Gravity : 3 Times the Charm for Tokyo Game Show, Sony and Nintendo game titles!

Third day of TGS, Sony and Nintendo Conference and they are not holding back for the adrenaline rush! First up are Sony’s announcement of limited edition PS3 Lightning Ver.2 along with new colors for the PS3.

Yes folks! Square-Enix and Sony is going to release a new Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Ver.2 PS3 Unit/Console. The said release is along side the release of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan. The said PS3 is a 320GB console for the price of 37,960 JPY and is available come December 15th in japan which is the same release date for the Final Fantasy XIII-2 (JP).

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is slated for January 31st for North America and February 3rd for Europe of the year 2012.

On another note, the PS3 is also getting new colors! For those who are yet to purchase one, Sony is releaseing two new colors for the PS3 namely Scarlet Red and Splash Blue. Both colors are up for 29,980 JPY ( $390 ) with a 320GB Hard Drive. Availability will be this November 17th.

I kinda wish Sony had released this announcement earlier like 2 months ago. I could have just waited for these ones to pop-out given that I just purchased a PS3 a month ago.


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