[Alter] Persona 3 “Aegis” ART WORKS Ver. Complete Figure

Segway to the figure industry for a bit. Amiami has now opened its doors for the preorder of Persona 3 figure Aegis by Alter.

It has been sculpted according to Shigenori Soejima’s first art book “Shinori Soejima ART WORKS 2004-2010” cover illustration! Under supervision of Soejima, it has been finely sculpted even to the smallest detail!

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The image of transparency from the original illustration can also be felt from the figure as well with its unique coloring and Aigis’s characteristic rigid feeling mixed with human-like warmth.

The said figure is up for 7,800 JPY ( 101.43 USD ). Just click on the link below to get to the preorder page the fastest way possible!

[Alter] Persona 3 “Aegis” ART WORKS Ver. Complete Figure – 7,800 JPY ( 101.43 USD ) – Amiami English Site


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