[ 9-13-2011 ] Gravity : Nintendo’s 3DS Pre-TGS Press Conference Coverage!

In this edition of Gravity we will cover the games lined up by Nintendo as presented in their Pre-TGS Press- Conference as Nintendo finally unveiled a spectacle of games lined-up for their ever so popular portable console, The Nintendo 3DS.

First up is the update for the ladies! Nintendo announced that they will release a ‘Misty Pink’ version of the 3DS which is to cater to girls/ladies out in the market.

The said ‘Misty Pink’ 3DS will be available come October 20th of this year in Japan, said president Satoru Iwata. He added that the current 3DS ownership statistics ended up that majority of its population consists of the male consumers and hoping that the pink 3DS would address the said issue.

This is a good deal for any gamer girl who has a fancy side or guys who think ‘Pink is Cute’ but as for me i’m still waiting for that Metallic Red 3DS.


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