[ 9-13-2011 ] Gravity : Nintendo 3DS’ Expansion Slide Pad list of compatible games!

The ” 3DS Expansion Slide Pad ” is now compatible with the games such as Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil and Kingdom Hearts for the 3DS.

This means that aside from the Monster Hunter 3G the said games below:

Capcom – Resident Evil : Revelations
Konami – Metal Gear Solid [ Snake Eater 3D ]
Namco Bandai – Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble
Tecmo Koei – Dynasty Warriors VS
Square-Enix – Kingdom Hears 3D [ Dream Drop Distance ]

The games above are all Expansion Slide Pad Ready! So Nintendo had already though of a way to entice it’s enthusiasts with great game titles. Wonder how will they tackle it once they give the 3DS a face-lift. Not to mention, Square-Enix hasn’t dated the said Kingdom Hearts game…


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