[ 9-9-2011 ] Gravity : Square-Enix explains what “AF” stand for in Final Fantasy XIII-2

Ever wonder what those “AF” stand for in the screenshots of FFXIII-2? Here’s a breakdown of the said info

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Square-Enix explains that “AF” stands for “After Fall”. That’s right folks, “Fall of Cocoon”. In the previous Final Fantasy XIII, your mission was to save all of Cocoon. Kinda makes you wonder what happened to your valiant efforts for it to end up like that. Take note as well that Noel is not from the same timeline as of Serah as he is a time traveller and is the last human born from his timeline. Lightning on the hand is amidst the battle with the man that we saw in the trailers earlier this year.

What to know more about the time-travel concept of Final Fantasy XIII-2? Check Part 3 of Gravity or Click Here to continue reading.


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