[ 9-9-2011 ] Gravity : Dragon Ball Ultimate Tenkaichi, Sony Pre-TGS Conference and loads of Final Fantasy XIII-2 details!

In this edition of GRAVITY – Final Fantasy XIII-2 game updates, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi awesomeness and Sony’s Pre-TGS (Tokyo Game Show) Press conference.

Ultimate Tenkaichi is the newest item for the Dragon Ball Z franchise for the consoles ( PS3 and XBOX360 ). Like the previous Dragon Ball game incarnations, the said game gives the players to re-live the saga of Son Goku throughout the said series. This time however, it’ll be following a great storyline (although same as ever) but with added bonuses such as Bardok ( Goku’s Father ) story and allows you to even create a blue character not to mention battle the great ape(s) of the Saiyan race.

In other news, Sony is holding its own press conference as well. Like Nintendo, Sony intends to do a pre-TGS conference and it will be available for viewers over the net as the said conference goes LIVE. Nintendo’s 3DS conference will occur September 13th while Sony’s is on the 14th ( So 2 days of conference to be precise ). No announcement though as to what Sony will unveil or show for the said pre-TGS conference.

Updates for the Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the next post or just Click Here.


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