[9-7-2011] GRAVITY : 3DS gets a new addon that may end up as the biggest mistake of Nintendo!

3DS is getting an “ADDON” physically and literally! Though you may want to think not just once, twice or even thrice…

Nintendo recently announced that they are going to give the 3DS an add-on which is another analog stick aka “Slide Pad” as to what Nintendo calls it. This is apparently to house a game that actually hit the global portable gaming market by storm produced by CAPCOM.

Monster Hunter 3G, is rumored to be a 3DS release and as further proof of it the said Slide Pad is introduced for the 3DS. Reports stated that the said Slide Pad is a physical device and will be an attachment for the said portable console.

Apparently, the said horror came to light when the latest entry by Famitsu showcased the said item along with Monster Hunter 3 Tri G. As show on the image above, it’s not a pleasant sight and it kinda reminds you of the SEGA GAMEGEAR.

The said add-on device also gives the user additional shoulder buttons although it seems to be handicapped at a certain level. Further information though about the said Monster Hunter ends up with it being the updated version of the one that got released in the Wii console which was Monster Hunter 3G with reports stating that the mascot or cover monster for this title will be “Black Dis”. The said game is rumored to be released late 2011.

I am a fan of Monster Hunter and i’m also planning to get the 3DS but getting the said add-on device may end up as a NO, NO for me. The 3DS aim was portability and by far this particular add-on is one hell of a device that makes this portable console an epic fail.


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