Ozine Fest 2011

Back in the day, conventions here in my country are all about cosplay, goodies, stage events, band performances and hunting rare stuff in different booths. In a year, there’s an estimate of 10 or so anime, manga and cosplay related convention held in my country. So many that the diversity of each is very very slim.

The menu showcased in each convention is too repetitive that it needed change for the better and that’s where our group stepped in. Ozine Fest 2011 was held last September 3-4 at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 3. In this particular event, I ended up participating as part of a group who displayed our own figurines to the attendees of the said convention.

As figure collectors, majority of our collection are just sitting in our shelves. The only time that they may end up outside it is when we do our bi-monthly cleaning for the cabinets and shelves to keep the dust away from them. That said, we decided to give the attendees a new item on the menu that they don’t see often in conventions.

We picked the recent items that we obtained and displayed them out in the open. As expected, people are indeed flocking over the exhibit that we did. I mean, this items are more or so displayed by big figure companies but apparently not all of them or majority of them are not in our country. To compensate that we collectors who obtained their product now present to the convention attendees the said item and its beauty.

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Another reason as to why we are doing this is to promote the sense of “ANTI-PIRACY”. Here in our country, you will see tons of bootleg ( FAKE / IMMITATION ) of the figures that we purchase overseas from different companies. This is to help the industry of the figure makers to prosper so that they will continue to manufacture great products for the many to enjoy.

One last reason is also to remove the misconception about figure collecting. I grew up in a family who does not understand the significance of figure collecting. Collecting anime and manga character figures are no less than different to any other hobby out there. They all share the same sentiments and people who wish to start one should be allowed and be respected for not only it promotes the sense of responsibility but also teaches them how to value the items they worked hard to earn.


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