[8-27-2011] GRAVITY! : PC Gaming is NOT DEAD! Razer Blade!

Welcome to the very first episode of GRAVITY! For our first episode we take a peek with Razer’s declaration that PC Gaming is not dead! With the claim that “PC GAMING IS NOT DEAD”. Razer, a popular gaming peripheral (pc hardware) brand unveils the Razer Blade. The thinnest, bad-ass gaming laptop of it’s kind!

Currently priced at $2,800 laptop from Razer ( which is very very steep! ) The said thinnest gaming laptop has the following specifications:

17.3” LED Backlit Display with full HD (1920×1080) resolution. The insides consists of a 2.8GHz Core i7 (2640M) processor from Intel, along with an NVidia GeForce GT555M GPU which comes with its own 2GB (GDDR5) of dedicated memory. There is also 8GB of RAM on-board, clocked at 1333MHz along with a 320GB HDD spinning at 7200RPM.

More details on the said item by visiting the Razer Blade page :
Razer Blade – World’s First and Thinnest Gaming Laptop

GRAVITY! will be the new gaming corner hosted here in Nendogamer which will cover news and review of games on consoles and PC.


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