NendoVault: [ Guildwars 2 ] Sylvari Re-Design Final!

ArenaNet finally announces the latest development of GuildWars 2. The Sylvari races got a full revamp and apparently this is now the finished product. People do seem to like it but in my perspective, I ended up getting second thoughts in playing as a Sylvari. I wasn’t expecting a design like this to be honest. But we’ll see when the game gets released.


2 thoughts on “NendoVault: [ Guildwars 2 ] Sylvari Re-Design Final!

  1. The extended play of this allowed me to realize what it is that I don’t like about GW2’s graphics. It looks gorgeous in screen caps, but all the action in actual gameplay is very herky jerky. It looks like the animations only have about 3 steps. They all walk and run in this kind of 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, hop-a-along cadence.

    The shots of the actual game play are nowhere near as smooth as the race previews that show fluid movement as characters run. The real game play looks very strobe-ie.

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