NendoVault : Toycon 2011

NendoVault ” Toycon 2011

And thus the Annual Philippine Toycon was conducted last June 18-19 of 2011 at the Megatrade Hall(s) 1,2 & 3 of SM Megamall.

Day 0 ( Ingress )

Not much was happening during this day aside from the exhibitors and the toy sellers coming in late or just acquiring their gate passes. Not much was setup around 3:30pm up until the time that I left for work which was around 6:00pm.


Day 1 & Day 2

For some odd reason Day 1 of around 9:00am isn’t as rowdy as the previous Toycon(s). The line outside is so short that you could use both hands to count the people who lined up. But as usual, once the gates open, the attendees began flooding in. One after the other along with some exhibitors who carry luggage to add to either their inventory of items to sell or items to be put up for display.

Early morning later became somewhat a huge surprise even to us in the production as Alodia appeared and this was actually the first time that she arrived that early for Toycon cause usually she does arrive around 2:00pm or 3:00pm and leave after an hour or two. This time though she was with us the whole day. Things went from surprised, crazy and lastly ballistic as fans push the marshall barricade and her security barricade just to either get to see her, say hi to her, and last but not the least to take a picture of her.

The reason as to why she appeared that early and staying for the whole event is because she is part of the Cosplay Nation The Movie filming. This year’s Toycon is very special (aside from it’s 10th Year Anniversary). Mind Style ( one of the Sponsor/Exhibitor ) was the spear-head of the movie ~documentary film~ which focuses about cosplay around the globe. More on that by visiting the ” Cosplay Nation ” review post.

Going back, people who wish attend the event this year were classified to the following categories:

[+] Loyal Toycon visitor(s) & Enthusiasts
They are the yearly supporters of Toycon who would attend the event, buy a toy or two and stay for the whole event. You can say that its the yearly thing for them.

[+] Toy Collectors who wish to purchase a great deal of Toys for their collection
These guys are the ones who spend from 3,000 PHP onwards and those who preorder toys from the booths that sell and allow preorders. They also include those who wish to expand their collection without hurting their wallets since Toycon also offers a wide variety of discounts.

[+] Rare Toy Hunters
These guys are always looking out for Toys that would not be seen out in normal stores. Toycon offers them shelter as these types of toys do appear during the event. Rare(s) are not limited to toys during Toycon. They can go from Shirts, Baller IDs, Scale Figures, Movie Props, Music Collection so on and so forth.

[+] Toy Photographer(s)
Individuals who are collectors (enthusiasts) and own high powered cameras known as the DSLR. You’d see them holding their camera as they take a shot of the exhibited collection of each hobby group. We took notice of these people which is why the ” Collectors Exhibit Room ” was added as one of the attractions for the annual event.

[+] Cosplayers
Toycon also accomodates individuals who are dressed as their favorite anime, manga and comic characters of either Western or Eastern Culture of animation.

[+] Celebrity
Toycon is known for sudden celebrity appearances which are not in our list. They would actually line-up or have someone line-up for the ticket and go inside to purchase a toy or expand their current collection. We are very thankful for their curiosity and hope that every year would bring more curious high profile individuals as well.

[+] Family
Accompanied by their mom and dad, children of all ages appear during our event to get purchase their usual favorites ranging from the titles “Ben 10″, ” Mask Rider(s) ” and Gundam(s).

[+] Band Enthusiasts
Toycon also caters to music enthusiasts by allowing indie bands to participate and play covers during the event. That said, we promote not only the toys, cosplay and movies but also the music scene as well.

This year was also special for certain exhibitors since some of them brought almost or even maybe their entire collection like this one above.

The collector (forgot the name) started 2 years ago ( if my memory serves me right ) with his Alien vs. Predator collection of Action Figures and Models. By far he now owns a vast array of predators and aliens enough to get the center area of the exhibit hall.

A toy convention would not be a convention (for me) if there is no Star Wars item(s) up for display for Star Wars afficionados to take pictures or to add in their “List to Buy next year”. Storm Troopers of various aspect as seen above was displayed this year.

Dolls of various aspect were also present. BJDs (Ball Jointed Dolls) and even Barbie™ Dolls were up for display during the event.

Girls of present generation seem not to know Barbie anymore and good thing we have Toycon to educate them of the trend that swept the little girls toy scene back in the day wherein internet is slowly booming.

Anime scale figures were also up for display this year ranging from Max Factory releases to GSC items.

And last but not the least the cosplay competition which is much awaited by the huge chunk of the Toycon-goers. The Annual Toycon Individual and Group Cosplay Competition was held on Day 1 and 2 while the Asia Cosplay Meet was held Day 1 with the winner and will represent the country of Philippines for international competition, Tenshi No Uta ( BlazBlue Group Cosplay ).

Overall, the event was successful which is a huge thanks to all who attended and took part to make the said convention possible.As part of the Toycon Management for 7 years ( or 8 years ). I’d like to thank everyone who attended this year’s Phil. Toys and Hobbies Convention 2011. More photos below.

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2 thoughts on “NendoVault : Toycon 2011

  1. The guy who had the AVP diorama is Bien Vijunco, he started only a few years ago, but has amassed a huge collection of figures, from Hot Toys and other military lines, to transformers and GunDams.

  2. I saw his display! Ang laki! It must have cost a fortune with all the Hot Toys and custom figures!

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