NendoVault: Nendoroid Saber – Full Action Ver. [ Fate Stay night ]

Another much awaited item of mine that took months and months before I got it. Nendoroid Saber – Full Action – Ver.

To those who forgot or does not know who saber is ( aka Arturia Pendragon ). Here’s a quick video of her in action shown in one of the most recent movie of the title ‘Fate Stay Night’. This one is from ‘Unlimited Blade Works’ movie.

This Nendoroid is one of the few ones who got the – FULL ACTION – release treatment. Full Action meaning it has joints in selected portions of it’s body. Nendoroids are commonly just poseable without much flexibility in-terms of articulation. This one however carries that particular ability thus allowing enthusiasts to pose her along with the interchangeable parts that came inside the box.

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Weapons such as the sword and the scabard(s) are somewhat a reproduction of the Saber Lily weapon item list. One additional item though would be the Excaliber with a little special effect. More information about Saber’s weapon via this link : Saber’s Excalibur – Typemoon Wiki

Saber FA is a huge must for any nendoroid collector out there. FA nendoroid releases every now and then would be nice but I do wish that there would be a huge improvement on the implementation for the articulation. The times that I tried to have this one pose for a shot took quite a while. Moving those delicate joints is hard and plus the repetitiveness of the falling limbs every time to try to reach a certain action pose. Its almost as if you were building a Lego with a definite shape. Still, there may just be a handful of FA ( Full Action ) units that will be published so it’s best to have one in your roster before the price tag for this one sky rockets.


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