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Just recently got my Razer Orca Gaming Headphones. This article is a review of this product which will decide if this is worthy to be in the line-up of Razer’s great gaming peripherals just like what Razer claims it to be.

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Physical Appearance:

First thing that you’d definitely notice about this headphones is that it’s screaming the color ‘Green [ 緑 ; Midori ] ‘. It will really get the attention of anyone if you are to wear this as you do your daily routine outside of your house such as going to work, school or early morning sports activities such as jogging.

The box itself is rather huge given that these cans are really big. the ear cups are sufficient for almost any ear type may it be a big, moderate or small. Do note that the ear cups are made of cloth. It gives a soft comfortable feeling but for those who wish to utilize the leather types, you may change it and order the leather cups via the Razer site.

The cord is pretty long and braided. Braided cables are very durable as they protect the main cable and any slight tugs especially with the jack tip. It also comes with an extension cable so expect it to be long enough for someone who wants to jack it in a pc and start prancing around as they listen to their music. Soft foam is also provided on the band as to cusion the upper part of the head of whoever is going to use the item. Pretty nifty entirely if I do say so myself.

Sound Quality

This time around we test as to how it performs with different genre of music.

Razer Orca Technical Specification:

[+] Frequency Response : 15-21,000 Hz
[+] Impedance: 32Ω (Ohms)at 1kHz
[+] Input Power 200 mW
[+] Connector: 3.5 mm headphone jack
[+] Drivers: 40 mm, with neodymium magnets
[+] Cable: 1.2m braided fiber + 2 meter braided extension cable

~ Here are the song line-up I used for the review ~

> Nana Mizuki ( 水樹奈々 ) – 恋の抑止力 PAZ special ver. – HEAVENS DIVIDE / 恋の抑止力 ( Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker )

> Kawada Mami ( 川田まみ ) – See visionS – To Aru Majutsu no Index Season 2

> Utada Hikaru – Distance M-flo Mix

> HammerFall – Heeding the Call – Steel Meets Steel 1997-2007

> Lorie – Je Vais Vite

> NAOKI – INTO YOUR HEART – 振り付けムービー ( Dance Evo Xbox360 Kinect )

> Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz – Get Low – Need For Speed – Underground –

> Lonely Island Feat. Akon – I Just had Sex

> Akon – Beautiful

> Katy Perry – Firework

> Nickelback – Burn it to the Ground – WWE Raw Theme

> Gyskard – Pink Life

Final Test:
Tekken 6 – Electric Fountain Stage BG

Some of these songs have a good base (bass) beat in them. Some of them have a great left and right phone or speaker transition while sharing great rhythmic value on both mids and low. Moving forward, the Razer Orca was able to deliver music at a good frequency although when the music goes all boomy with the base (bass), Razer Orca starts to slowly unable to cope it. Some songs also ended up scattered which is as if you are hearing two things differently at the same exact time. The video for Beautiful by Akon above delivered the Orca nicely and efficiently. The base (bass) felt slightly natural although you have to note that this song is base (bass) heavy so it would be best if you could hear the base clearly but Orca limits itself on such act.

The Hi and Low of this headset for the song 恋の抑止力 PAZ special ver. is terrible. The video above is just the PV but when you listen to the song’s full version, at first it starts nicely as listeners can clearly hear Nana Mizuki‘s voice but when the drum beats together with the guitar strums starts moving in, earth begins to crack slowly on this phones. The chorus of the song should also be kicking base (bass) but the vocals ended up drowning the base (bass) although you can still hear a bit of it but somewhat not sufficient if you tell me. Guitar strums with drum beats aren’t a good match for these phones. Almost the same thing happened with See visionS sung by Kawada Mami wherein the base (bass) slowly began to be drowned by the techno aspect of the song.

Moving back to English songs, I Just Had Sex by Lonely Island Feat. Akon is a base (Bass) song oriented. Words were clear but problem again arises as vocals drown the bass (base) and the base (bass) itself sounded a little flaky. It’s as if it makes it that the base (bass) was there but nearly not there. A little confusing entirely to explain but you’ll understand more when you listen to the song Firework of Katy Perry. The song is an excellent mixture of Techno, Vocals, Base, and Semi-Orchestra aspect of the song. The chorus/bridge part of the song has this “BOOM” aspect of base (bass) which is suppose to make you feel slightly jumpy which is the influence of the nice beat from the song but Orca is unable to do so.

This is a little bit confusing entirely as the Song Get Low by Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz is able to deliver the base (bass) nicely. So i began to think this might be about the recording quality of the songs. But there’s a catch. I have the CD version and the FLAC ( Lossless ) version and MP3 of the songs recorded at the best quality so i don’t understand entirely why this is happening. Moving forward, I tested the TECHNO aspect of the phones since it seems that the techno is delivering good. I used Lorie – Je vais vite for this one and sadly beats were going haywire on this song. Base (bass) sounded to somewhat canned yet vocals are still there which is a “THANK GOD IT NEVER CHANGED” for me.

Heeding the Call of HammerFall is one fast paced song which delivers a metal music aspect awesomely. Sadly Razer Orca ended up shattering the guitars and base (bass) sounded too cheap. I began to be skeptical of the Left and Right of the phones due to this so I used the song “Utada Hikaru – Distance M-flo Mix” to check on it. I hit the jackpot with my hunch on this one. Transitions of left and right vice versa is nice but the bass aspect felt once again rather cheap. Making you feel that base was there but not there entirely which is the confusing truth as I was doing the test on this phones.

To test it further was a lossless version of the Tekken 6 Electric Fountain map. Good bass and techno beat on this one. I was actually delighted that Razer Orca delivered nicely on this. Base (bass) was there and without the feeling of missing or somewhat not and techno was clearly kicking.

~ Game Test for Razer Orca ~

~ Crysis 2 – Crytek – Electronic Arts (EA) ~

The gameplay footage isn’t mine. This is just a sample video as to what the game is.

~ Call of Duty Black OPS – Activision ~

The gameplay footage isn’t mine. This is just a sample video as to what the game is.

~ Street Fighter 4 & Resident Evil 5- CAPCOM ~

The audio for all the games delivered nicely, One thing to note though is that the phones does not make you feel you are in the game right at the bat. Unlike the other headphones that I had in the past, they made me feel at home in the said games. I don’t understand why but I went ahead and checked the specifications and did another run on the games and it seems that the frequency is somewhat at fault here as to why the phones seems to lack the emphasis it needs for players to dive into the game. Getting the feel of the game via headphones is critical especially for First Person Shooters like Crysis 2 and Call of Duty.

Final Verdict

These phones are good entirely. Not great, not too shabby but just plain good. For music listening for audiophiles, not much if you ask me. The phones sound good with Techno music but for the rest it never gave me the feel. Gaming on the other hand is good but not there. Like what I stated before, I’ve already used different headphones primarily Sennheiser, BEATS, BOSE, AKG etc and these brands also have cheap phones yet can deliver what people want or need. Comparing the Razer Orca to another Razer product which is Moray+ ( which so happens I also own ) ends up with Moray+ as the winner.

Razer has been marketing these in “CLUB ORIENTED” events. I slowly began to understand the hype via a “CLUB ORIENTED” approach since clubs have power amps and other peripherals to enhance a song which in turn will result to a phones sounding “SLIGHTLY GOOD” or next to “GOOD” for those who have trained ears or audiophiles. Also the phones sound leak out and this is a bad sign for me. I mean I used the phones so that I could hear music and not disturb others and then it ends up leaking. It’s actually loud enough to be heard be someone a few feet ( 1-3 feet ) away.

If you plan to purchase a new set of phones in the future, I suggest that you think twice before you get this one. Sure it’s a $59.99 but I think you could get something better with your 59.99 or you may just add another $20 and you can get yourself phones that are worth your saved up money. As for Razer, this purchase actually makes me think twice on hitting the Razer Carcharias and their other gaming headphones or audio peripherals. To be honest I already own a lot of their products such as Razer Naga, Lycosa Mirror and Moray+ and all three performed really great but this one was not hitting much of the marks for me.

Rating: 3/5 Stars


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