Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri [ Stein’s Gate ]

Mika-tan just updated her blog with tons of items and one of them is from the currently airing anime “Stein’s Gate”. Presenting, Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri!

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Stein’s gate is a game by Nitro+ for Xbox360. Here’s a sample of the trailer and opening video of the anime version of this title.

She’s the next addition to the Nendoroid line up for the said title. First was Kurisu and by far there are some similarities in their accessories such as the mobile phone. Add the rather odd yet cute accessories like a banana and a chicken in a fork.

Overall this cute little girl will be available along with the re-release of Nendoroid Kurisu. Reservations are now open so check your favorite shops to reserve yours ASAP!

Both are now available at Amiami [English Site]. Just click the link below to order anyone of them.

Nendoroid Kurisu Makise 2,230 JPY ( 27.28 USD )
Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri 2,600 JPY ( 31.80 USD )

Source: GSC Mika-tan Blog(JP)


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