NendoVault: Ghosts of Ascalon + Edge of Destiny

With the nearing advent of sequel of their most popular game. ArenaNet has released two novels that depict the future of Tyria, the land where we will stay once GuildWars 2 is released! presenting ” Ghosts of Ascalon ” and ” Edge of Destiny “.

Guildwars started years back when MMORPG was just reaching it’s peak of popularity. ArenaNet released the game and in an instant, thousands of game enthusiasts became hooked and played the game. The game itself isn’t tedious as the other games are. It doesn’t involve long grinding times but rather it invests on character development. As you move along the world of GuildWars, you are slowly introduced to the surroundings including it’s rich lore (history) as well as the diversity of the classes and races in the said game.

In the books, it tells the story of different individuals and the events all took place many many years ( if i’m not mistaken it’s around more or less 200 years ) after the first GuildWars Saga that players are currently playing (or introduced for that matter). This time around, we are given a good insight as to what are Charr, Norn, Sylvari, Asura and lastly the Humans. A race was once present in this title which was the Dwarves but due to certain events that occured in the lore. The existence of this race is yet to be clearly known but they are currently labeled in the books as ” Extinct “.

For a brief overview of who is who and which is which. The video below portrays the main characters ( minus 1 he shares the same class as of the other one.) which is primary known as “Edge of Destiny”, a group of individuals that banded together, united by fate to combat the threat of their world.

Players who played the game and keep track of the lore of GuildWars will be amazed as to what beco\ame of the characters that they once help or the ones who assisted them during their travels in the vast lands of Tyria. At the present timeline, the realm of GuildWars is divided into 3 Continents which is Tyria, Cantha, and Elona. The book allows the players to take a peek as to what the vast lands of Tyria looks like after years of power struggle between the Humans, Charr, the Dragons and their Dragon Champion as well as the Undead from land known as Orr.

Going back to the book, the first one that got released was “Ghosts of Ascalon”. In this book, we follow the story of Dougal Keane. His adventures always end him up meeting strange individuals of different races. From a proud,prideful and boastful asura, to yet another proud and loud norn, to a righteous and loyal Charr, and lastly to an intriguing young female sylvari. The first book was written by Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grubb. You can read a sample of the book by clicking the link below:

The said book was well written up till the last moment. It keeps the reader hooked as much as possible to each character allowing each individual to grown into the reader’s mind and heart and allowing the reader itself to be the overseer of the story. Overall, it’s as if the writers want to paint their novel right before your very eyes which they have accomplished faithfully as they stay true to the series. Reading it allows the player to look forward to places that needs to be visited once the game sequel is released.

The second book, Edge of Destiny was written by J. Robert King. The book introduces the readers to some of the key characters which ended up shaking the very foundations of the lore/realm of GuildWars. Same with the first book, the author aimed to introduce the characters one at a time but sadly and in my opinion failed in implying a deep connection of the reader with the characters. Sure we have the annoying and boastful asuras, the ever so full of bravado or if not proud as usual norns as we all the cunning Charr attitude plus a sylvari who is full of intrigue itself.

As the story progress, readers may find themselves brisking pages to see immediately the next scene given that it lacks a particular ingredient that a novel should have. Edge of Destiny would actually fit best as a comic book given the mock ups of each character with the other. As a little spoiler to the would be lore hunters of GuildWars, the book informs you as to why the world ended up like that and a certain person led it to be as to what we are about to set foot once the sequel is released.

Overall, the first book really gave the feel of “What GuildWars is and going to be” while the second book was a short introduction to the key characters that will also revolve around your character. As an enthusiast of the said game, i suggest that you do grab a copy of it while if you are into fantasy and would like something light to read then pick up this book and give it a shot!

You can get a good insight of the first two novels by taking a peek with chapter 1 of each by clicking the titles below.

Ghosts of Ascalon Chapter 1 & Edge of Destiny Chapter 1.

The said two books are now available! You can check your local bookstore for a copy or you may also check to get yours!


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