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CosplayGen is a otaku related magazine that focuses about cosplay & cosplayers around the world. The publisher of the said magazine is currenly in Europe.
I’m actually amazed about their approach with their magazine. In our country, we also had a magazine that attempted to aim about the community of cosplay in the Philippines but what I read about their magazine was (pardon for being direct) just a bunch of crap.

Articles are all half-baked and same goes as with the composition. It’s as if i’m just reading a regular tabloid newsprint that I bought for 10.00 PHP (Approx. 22-23 cents in terms of US Dollars) although they priced it around or near 100 PHP (Approx. 2 USD ). As for CosplayGen, the magazine actually kept me reading interview after interview that they made for each cosplayer as well as their articles that focused in Camera Lenses (available in Issue 2). Money well spent is what I can say.

Another bonus in this magazine would be the postcards ( a total of 6 pieces, best 3 are shown ) that came along with it. I’m very pleased with the said postcards especially the Raiden although I was hoping that there was a Kanda Midori and Monique Dimanlig but guess it’s not part of it.

The purpose of my purchase with CosplayGen was entirely about their interview with my favorite cosplayer “Kanda Midori” (who resides in JP) but I really never knew that i’d be reading the profiles of cosplayers like Crystal/Precious ( portraying MGS 4 Raiden – Figumate Sweet Snake Ver. ), Zam/Gixxer85 who portrayed Master Chief of the popular game HALO of Bungie ( For those who have been long running members of Figure.Fm, i’m pretty sure you know him as well ), Filipina Cosplayer Monique Dimanlig portraying a geisha and Harrison Krix/Volpin portraying Guy Manuel’s Daft punk Helmet ( He’s also the creator of the Real Deal portal gun ) and last but not the least the popular cosplay group of Endiru consisting of Orochi X, Pinky Lu Xun and Shinji X.

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It’s funny that I accidentally stumbled upon their magazine as well as their website when I was browsing the internet for cosplayers like Kanda Midori. For now, all i can say is that they succeeded in getting my attention as well as favor to become an enthusiast of their magazine.

You can check their site, view snippets of their content or even order your copy of their magazine by visiting the link below.



2 thoughts on “NendoVault: CosplayGen Magazine

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  2. Wow!
    Thanks for this post! I already knew Otaku Magazione but didnt notice that theyre also doing a Cosplaymagazine.Was looking for some printed HQ Cosplays for quite some time and already ordered their first 2 issues.
    Maybe I can copy some tricks for my own photography 😛

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