NendoVault : Nendoroid Ragnarok Online Archbishop [132]

As a long time player of one of the MMO that boomed in the online gaming market. I just had to get this one! Presenting Nendoroid No. 132: Archbishop from the game ‘Ragnarok Online’.

Ragnarok Online was entirely a Manwah in the country of Korea (South) by the popular illustrator artist Lee Myung-Jin. The game was published by Gravity and when Ragnarok Online first boomed in the market (globally) everyone just wanted to play and enjoy the environment wherein they can do something with their friends while chatting aimlessly.

Sure, the game was a hack-en-slash genre with tons of dungeons, infinite spawns of monsters and repetition to the NTH level but none of those matter to who played the game. Excitement was there and not to mention the War of the Emperium (WOE). Last but not the least with the introduction of WOE came “Ragnarok World Championships.

Players form the best lineup and alliances and muster their finest players for one big showdown to claim the title year after year. It was surely fun while it lasted. At the current time, Ragnarok Online is still one of the best MMORPGs out there but with the current trend, I can’t help but reminisce the times i’ve spent so much with the said game which brought me to buying this little girl that you see.

The good ‘ol times with my Assassin, Hunter, Monk, and Knight in the said game will never be forgotten with this little treasure that i have acquired. Poring is included in the package!

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There are two images that are to be noted here. I got a card that seems to allow me to redeem a nice item in Ragnarok Online JP server. Wonder what it is.

A little service by Saber-desu!


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