2010 Final Loot with Starbucks 2011 Planner

And so marks the end of loot for 2010 for me. Final Loot are Mugi and Ritsu which completes my K-ON! collection of FIGMA and lastly the yearly planner of starbucks.

A little photoshoot done when i picked up Mugi and Ritsu from a friend of mine. If you are asking who’s my favorite K-ON! character that would be Ritsu and Azusa.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Been a long time since i last went out with Drossel. I still remember when I first started working that I always have her at my desk. After moving to a different company that all changed and she stayed behind with the rest of my figures. The bad draw about this shoot is that i never brought Nendoroid parts nor Figma parts. So note to self, next shoot I definitely must bring parts with me.

All of the images here (outside/park like scenes) were taken at Ayala Triangle Park. Situated in the premises of the Philippine Stock Exchange (Makati City) building. Too bad I never also had time to stay and watch the orchestra and lights festival.


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