Creative Blogging – On Strategy PC Gaming + APM

Been playing Starcraft and now World of Warcraft but it never occurred to me to become or aim to be one of those players who have given almost 30% of their life to the game that they love.

Video shows how players who love to play Starcraft and Warcraft show their almost full potential when playing the game that they love the most. APM stands for Actions Per Minute. As what you’ve saw on the video. On the 3rd part of the video, two players shown that both of them have an almost uncanny ability on reflexes and amount of attention span when it comes to playing their designated game. Those who are aiming to take part in the WCG better be ready with your gear and tricks cause you might face an opponent like them who focuses on such talent.

products as seen on the video are Razer, Lycosa Mirror Ed., Mantis Mouse Pad, ( forgot the mouse which one though )


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