On Creative Blogging – Imagine FX – July 2010 Issue

I started my exposure to anime/manga related stuff through Dragon Ball Z and which triggered my enthusiasm to the art of Illustrating or Drawing wherein in my case it’s focused on manga/anime style artwork. It’s been years since i last went to the CG works.

A few years back i was still part of DA (DeviantArt) though i am still part of it but right now i am barely active due to the fact that i work and study both at the same time.

Given the chance now, i went back and pursued one of my usual hobbies and interest for that matter which is CG and Manga/Anime Styled artwork. Today was pay day and i went to visit one of the popular book/magazine shops here in my country which is FullyBooked. Looking around i stumbled upon this last remaining issue of this magazine.

I was in deep though as to if i should buy it and after giving the benefit of the doubt regarding about content i purchase it which can be sumed up as to almost 20USD. Went home and checked out the content and all i can say is that ” Money well spent! ” here’s a sample of the content inside!

Each issue will always be accompanied by a CD for tutorials etc. I was introduced to the said magazine by a friend of mine who happens to have a few copies of it. Now that i have a good place to obtain it. I’m now planning to purchase the said item every month. Oh and this magazine is available in UK so folks who are in UK are definitely experiencing one of the best deserts in life! Imagine FX is available in UK for 5.99 Euros. Check your local store for a copy of this magazine.

As a trivia to the filipino artists in the world. The cover for Imagine FX July issue was done by Mr. Chester Ocampo who is known in the Deviantart community as Elpinoy. A fellow filipino who was known to me as the Artist/Illustrator for FHM Philippines for the Ladies Confession’s area etc who now works for Imaginary Friends Studios.


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