9th Phil Toycon

And with the conclusion of the biggest event in the country. we now bring you the aftermath or review of the said event.

So Toycon is now celebrating it’s 9th year of success and the attendees are much more enthusiastic this time around as shopping was much easier as aisle are easier to navigate and cluttering was lesser due to the efforts of the management to keep an eye on the whole event itself.

For spectators, game trailers that were shown in the last E3 convention wwas shown on Toycon. The trailers include MGS: Rising, Mortal Kombat, 3DS promotional video, upcoming Castlevania game etc. There was also the fan film contest and as far as i can rate it. The kamen rider video had a good chance on winning the said contest.

As for the Cosplay, everything went smoothly compared to last year although there was one particular cosplayer that will make me remember the this toycon for a long time. That’ll be the Ragnarok Online Female Whitesmith cosplayer. Now this cosplayer is attractive. So as usual an attractive cosplayer will invite tons of photographers asking for her to pose for a short time and take shots.

In her case though she got stuck in one spot for a very long time like maybe an hour or so. At first i didn’t mind after i finish my rounds on the floor checking for clutter path ways etc. But after my second round i saw her on the same spot tired and sitting in a chair while photographers keep on taking shots of her.

NOTE: I am part of the staff for the said event.
Seeing her in that state, i went immediately to the cosplay holding booth to check if there are any problems and so far there aren’t any so i went back and invited her to stay inside the cosplayer holding area. I was surprised when she asked me if she can stay inside since she was informed that gamer girls are only allowed at that time. Heck would i care if they said that to her. What’s in my mind at that time is that i need to get her inside and away from those ruthless photographers. Went ahead and escorted her towards the area and thus she was able to rest.

Looking back at that incident right now, it’s a clear statement that some photographers will take shots of cosplayers without even knowing that they should at least be courteous enough to know that the cosplayer is experiencing stress with what they have been doing to the model or in this case to the cosplayer.

Moving along, the band that i waited so much on that event was My Odessa. The last time that they perfeormed at Toycon was amazing so i was expecting something refreshing from them. Sadly that wasn’t the case. I don’t know what happened but that wasn’t the My Odessa that i know playing on stage. It was the same girls but the music wasn’t that good. I was really dismayed at that part. Thank goodness there is still the cosplay catwalk events!

Catwalk was much appreciated this time as cosplayers indeed took their time on-stage to showcase to all of the audience their costume and have Photographers get a chance to take pictures of them. Lastly we move to the shopping!

Shopping this year for me was a huge task. I don’t have enough money to buy two gunpla model kits and ended up getting just one which was MG Red Frame Astray Tactical Arms. The other one that i wished to have obtained was MG Strike Freedom Lightning Burst. Aside from Red Frame, i also got Nendoroid hatsune Miku from Max Factory booth and Revoltech Sanada Yukimura.

The event overall was a huge success. Foods, drinks, booths, babes, cosplayers, merchandise and fellow staff-mates made this event a huge success! I’m currently hatching some plans for the 10th Toycon so stay tuned in this blog for updates on that. For now i leave you with my trophy of the event which is Etna from the game Disgaea. I’ll be aiming for a suzumiya haruhi gekisou set + Strike Freedom Full burst etc on the 10th Toycon!

More images via:
Multiply Photo Account


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