Figure Updates!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been pretty busy even as we speak but that said i’ll be resuming my usual blogging agenda once again. To kick start things, here are the latest Figure updates!

Robot Damashii -Side AS- Bonta-kun Actual Combat Type – July release, 3,150 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Revoltech Yamaguchi – ZOIDS ~Blade Liger~ – July 15th release, 4,900 Yen (inclusive of tax).
42 points of articulation, 34 Revoltech joints used.
– Made up of 77 parts in total – the highest number of parts for a single release in the entire Revoltech series.
– With the leg design, a striking pose with the Pulse Laser Gun can be reproduced.
– The blade and the shield can be expanded to demonstrate the finisher move, “Blade Attack”
– Can perform the poses of a cat, with the atmosphere about the product completely changed.
– The possibility of posing is extended through the display base included.

To accompany this awesome ZOID is it’s nemesis foe, the GENO BREAKER.

Revoltech Yamaguchi – ZOIDS ~ Geno Breaker ~ – September 15th release, 6,500 Yen (inclusive of tax).
Both Revoltech items will come with a RevolChip worth 10 points x2 (total 20 points). RevolPliers Zoids color (gold) and RevolContainer. This was done mainly for the large project release to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of Revoltech.

Nendoroid Yoshika Swimsuit by Good Smile Company – July 29th and will be bundled for the Xbox360 Strike Witches game.


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