Nendogamer on Ozine 2010

The yearly Ozine event is once again held at the Megatrade Hall grounds. Here’s the coverage of this year’s celebration.

Never got the chance to attend Day 1 and 2 due to conflicts with my work schedule. Anyways, this is day 3 of the said event. As many of you have known, events like these in the Philippines are rather different. Unlike in other countries that it had an array of booths and things to do. Ozine sadly was not up to par to that.

Yes, i do know that there are booths here and there plus some sale items ( Wasabi was on Sale there and i regret not getting the Red Frame Tactical Arms unit ) but the problem is that not all booths are in what you can say “SALE” and lastly it’s all pirates when it comes to anime and japanese shows/videos. ( 5.00PHP a lump? )

Moving along, the event’s popular booths aside from Wasabi Toys is the Otakai Booth. Otakai is a forum based community wherein toy collectors of different ranges and scales have gathered together to either just talk about the upcoming releases of figurines to selling of some items in discount or assisting other people on getting rare items/toys.

Otakai showcased around 6 Glass Detolf shelves containing Revoltechs, Figmas, Nendoroids and most especially the figurines like World is Mine, Black Rock Shooter, Saber Lily Distant Avalon plus Alter’s Nanoha and Fate. Overall the visitors would draw out their cameras may it be just an ordinary fixed lens or a mobile phone camera. They’d be shooting all that they see fit to their eyes.

And walking away from a good place we move to another disappointing area. Ozine had two stages for the venue. That’s right folks 2 stages for one venue. I really don’t understand why is there a need to have two stages wherein you could just have one stage and organize the the events or stage events properly. By mid day, the second stage was just a hang-out area for some cosplayers who are seeking refuge for their limbs as they cannot sit on the floor to prevent dirt clinging unto their costumes.

In between those two stages is a rather unique booth. It’s a booth where you can catch some gold fish and take it home. You can say it’s like what you see in japanese shrines when they are to hold a festival. It’s entertaining especially to those who wish to get a pet goldfish for a small sum of money. Not a bad deal at all. You get to enjoy or vent your frustration and you get a chance to own a fish.

The area wherein i had high hopes and got crushed was the Maid Cafe. The event had a Maid Cafe at the opposite side of the bigger stage ( Big stage near the entrace, small stage near the exit ). When i approached the door I was quickly hindered by a man in black who is also toned black asking me what is my business around in the area. It quickly reminded me of this scene.

I had more than 2k in my steel pocket so there’s no chance of me getting that scene. Going back, I was able to get inside but the problem is that you can’t take photos and the prices for food & drinks were sky rocketting. Not to mention, some of the maids are almost non-life like. I mean, yes they are cute, yes they are sexy, yes they do look awesome in those outfits but there were not up to the task or some of them are not up to the task at hand.

I was also on the look out for the dish wherein they would write your name using ketchup but sadly there’s none of that too. The maid that served us during that event was rather shy so i was a bit disappointed at that. Going back to taking photos, you can’t take any but they can take it for you but you need to pay them in exchange. They also have a camera crew on the scene so we decided to have our pictures taken but the picture taking was like a spur of the moment that we never even felt it.

Lastly, the ambience wasn’t like what a maid cafe should be. Overall what i expected turned out to be leaning to a disaster. I was really looking forward to a maid cafe complete with decorations in the area with an ambience that i am with maids who are to serve me good food and a good conversation but sadly there was none of that. I do hope the next event that will have a maid cafe that can live up to the name “Maid Cafe”.

Thankfully the event’s grand saving grace was the cosplayers. In different shades, sizes and cuteness. Cosplayers pop out from left to right, front and back etc. I was shooting away with each cosplayer that i find delectable or pleasing to the lens of the camera that i had.

At the end of the day, i can say that the entrance fee was worth it because of the cosplayers. Without these guys this event will and cannot be on par with the event that went side by side to it which was E-Games Domination.

More images via the links below:


Camera : Canon EOS Rebel T1i ( 500D )


3 thoughts on “Nendogamer on Ozine 2010

  1. Kinda agree at the last paragraph… the only thing that make this event alive is the cosplayers… the others were decent but bland…

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