Figma & Nendoroid Black ★ Rock Shooter

One of the much awaited wallet bustin item ( aside from the K-ON! figmas and nendoroids ) finally gets a the spotlight. Presenting Nendoroid & Figma Black ★ Rock Shooter.

We got a preview of them as uncolored versions and then later on we got the colored version during the 26th Miyazawa Model Exhibition. Finally, they now proudly present the production shots of Hatsune Miku in her BRS glory.

First up is the Figma Black Rock Shooter. All i can say about this one is that it has a big badass gun and you can pose it the way you want it which produces more badass effect. A sure “shot to the heart” item.

Next is the Nendoroid version. Like the Figma this one is able to pack an ammo full of badass despite it’s petite nature.

Armed with her sword and buster cannon. Miku will surely drill not one but two giant pocket or wallet holes to whoever wishes to acquire her service.

More information regarding reservations and where to obtain this instant get item will be posted here on this blog so don’t forget to check back.


Wcloudx Blog
Mika-tan Blog


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