Game Bits : Tester Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Tester finally aired and here’s a glimpse as to what happened this episode on Game Bits.

So after the previous challenge everyone was enjoying their time in the loft. Doc was with the other guys and they would either play games or just do some chat. Star on the other hand is a little anxious for she wishes to get the next challenge information and over with.

In a few moments, her wish came true as the next challenge is presented to them. The test clue goes as: Huddle up Testers, It’s Game Time. And if you hope to land the job of your dreams, You’d best remember there’s no “I” in “TEAM”. Go get Geared up for your next challengeOnce again, the Testers are divided into groups.

The game this time however is the very first “Tester Bowl” held at the playstation grid iron ( or whatever that is as explained by Meri. )

The game isn’t as easy as it would seem. Each team are required to catch 3 footballs and put them in a bucket without using their hands. How to catch them? Playstation provided them with this very unique trampoline like device which they say would allow the teams to display “TEAMWORK”

Star: I don't know if i could pull a giant rubber band. Look at these arms.

Hal Sparks - Luge squated over the bucket and guided it in with her legs

Each team gave it their best but as always there can only be one winner. The losing team as usual will face the esteemed panel of judges which consists of Hal Sparks, Brent Gocke and the special guest judge David Jaffe ( Game creator & director of the Twisted Metal series & God of War )

At the end of the match, the Red Team scored better compared to the Blue team and once again, Fame Girl hits the bottom along with Cyrus, Amped and Big D.

At the Playstation Tester Lab, Meredith awards the winners of the said challenge with a copy of “MAG” which came from the award winning game developer “Zipper Interactive”.

Bottom 4 this week: Big D, Amped, Cyrus & Fame Girl.

On judgment time, Sparks quickly jumped the gun and narrated as to how Big D’s movement contributed as to how the team came short of their victory and then later praises Amped for been very supportive to her teammates which goes the same for Cyrus as Brent praised him seeing as to how he tries to keep the team up and running.

Brent however ends his statement saying that Big D and Fame Girl are the ones that they see as the weakest link on the team. Brent isn’t that cruel despite on how he talks for he gave the said bottom two a chance to speak up and defend themselves with Fame Girl going emotional. Although a surprise was already laid out on them when the judges tells them that they are now involved in their decision making.

Cyrus: I don't like this game... I mean it. You're talking about people you are working with.


Brent: This is a very difficult decision for us and i think your feedback is important.

Brent: Cyrus, Amped if you are in our shoes if you are finishing up on a game project and you are about to move to another one you can only keep an “X” amount of people.

Cyrus: I don’t like this game… I mean it. You’re talking about people you are working with.

Brent: Which you are part of a team.

Jaffe: Look, i have guys whom i’ve worked with for 10 years and we had to cut it at the end of the project. But ultimately, you can still go lunch with those guys, hang out with those guys but at the end of the day, the kid who opens up his present in christmas morning doesn’t care about whether or not you cut your friend from the team. All he cares is that he’s having a good time.

Brent: IF you, are working in playstation and wanted to start a team who would you wan’t to work with? Big D or Fame Girl.


Judges: Brent Gocke, Hal Sparks & David Jaffe.

At the end of that discussion, everything fell into place. The judges took the voices of Amped and Cyrus to their final decision making and decided…

Brent: Fame Girl, I'm sorry. Your game ends here. You're not the next Playstation Game Tester.

And as for the advice, Meridith had it coming for them.

Meridith: This challenge was all about teamwork but you are all rivals. Vying for one dream job.


Cookies & Cream:
Overall, the episode was ok but seeing that the judges really do take into account failures and growth. All i could say is that the alliance formed by Doc is definitely handy especially during a situation such as this one. Everything is still interesting especially next week’s episode as the testers go “ROLE PLAYING”.


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