Game Bits : The Tester

Greetings gamer fans from all over the globe welcome to the premiere episode of Game Bits. Game Bits is the new game news and reviews of this site. It will hosts the most intriguing but not to weird stories and news in the gaming scene all over the globe.

On the First episode of Game Bits, we begin with Sony’s reality show on the Playstation Network, The Tester.

~~~~ Trailer of the Tester ~~~~

So Sony came up with the idea that instead of using their HR department to recruit new game testers, they decided why not turn it into a profitable reality series. As far as planning or conceptualization is concerned, YES it is a splendid idea. Not only that you get to earn money as you hire people. You also get to sift the applicants more efficiently.

Gooing back, The Tester is a reality show that started February 15, 2010 and is available for download for all Playstation 3 owners down at the Playstation Store at the Playstation Network or PSN. The show has 11 contestants with a hot host ( Yes!, she is a sexy red head girl! ). The Contestants will compete as to who will be the new tester of Sony Playstation. Only one of them will be chosen for it and get paid for testing game plus a 5,000 USD signing up bonus upon winning. Overall it’s like hitting two birds with one stone cause not only do you get your shot to fame but you also get an awesome job at Sony and the best part is that it’s under your line of HOBBY.

~~~~ Cast Call of The Tester ~~~~

Checking on the contestants i’d say it really ahs a good mix of individuals. We got someone who seems to know some grooves. We even got a celebrity in the gaming scene in the form of the contestant Star for she is one of the most popular Guitar Hero Female players in the GLOBE! We also got the cutie pies on the show and when i mean cutie pies, let’s not include the host for now. Anyways, aside from that the show itself will gauge each contender as to how adept are they when it comes to testing the game and identifying the bugs.

~~~~ Cast of the Tester ~~~~

A life of a game tester is no joke. You can say that all you need to do is play games all day but that’s not entirely true. Like what is stated in the trailer ( if you watched it ), a tester’s job is to be able to identify the bugs or glitches of the game and identifying them is not enough for the preciseness of it is very crucial.

(image courtesy of

Moving along, the hot host of the show is none other than the lovely Meredith Molinari, a popular model and host of multiple online music shows. She will be the host of the show for 8 episodes. The judges are also no push overs. We got Brent Gocke, Release Manager from Sony Computer Entertainment. Hal Sparks a well known actor/comedian/gamer. Plus a well distinguished roster of special guest such as David Jaffe, Director & Lead Designer of God of War and Twisted Metal ( as seen in the trailer ).

Playstation has been a successful gaming platform ever since Sony entered the realm of the gaming industry. With the advancement of technology, Sony not only was able to keep up with it but was even able to create a solid community via the growing “Sony Playstation Network”. Aside from popular titles like Unchartred 2, Little BIg Planet, Gran Turismo and God of War III. Playstation Network also has a vast array of movies, tv shows and other libraries of entertainment suited for every individual that will visit the network. Overall with the addition of this reality show. Sony’s capabilities to portray a good sense of gamer needs will be infinite. Saying such, i wonder what’s Microsoft’s take on this?


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