Wonder Festival 2010 Coverage ( Wonfest 2010 )

Wonfest 11 is now currently on going in Japan and here is the coverage that all of you have been waiting for! Love Plus Nendoroids, anyone?

Let’s begin with the awesome 1/8 Hatsune Miku “Love is War” by Good Smile company. This one will definitely eat a huge amount of display area.

Following her is 1/8 scale Deadmaster by Good Smile Company. Like the BRS anime version, she also has no release date yet.

Next is another Black Rock Shooter but this time it’s the anime version which i posted before. 1/8 scale Black Rock Shooter Anime Ver. by Good Smile Company. For now, no date or price information is given on this baby.

In-line with the rave of BRS, she also gets Nendo-fied and Figma-tized. Nendoroid & Figma BRS on display!

Moving forward are the 1/8 K-ON! girls Azusa and Mio figures. Azusa is really lovely and cute in her pose here

Going back to the Figma line, We finnally have Saber Alter, Azusa Nakano (Azusa-Nya!) Kos-Mos Ver. 4, and Senjougahara Hitagi.

There are still tons of images for everyone to see and you can check them by dropping by at HobbyStock’s Blog. As a closing statement for this coverage all i can say is that my plans to get a site, and lastly to get a dollfie all went to smithereens. Many thanks Max Factory!


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