GSC 1/8 Hatsune Miku – Black Rock ☆ Shooter

Finally got my Black Rock ☆ Shooter and that said i will do a preliminary unveil & review for you guys.

For those who are not familiar with Hatsune Miku. She is a software product of Yamaha that quickly escalated to fame and became a virtual diva with her hit songs: Light Song, World is Mine, BPM, Black Rock ☆ Shooter and many more.

This figure is about the Black Rock ☆ Shooter music & artwork. All that i can say is that during it’s peak. No one ever expected that someone so skillful in the figure craftsmanship would dare to attempt and recreate her in this form. But all of that got shattered as she was unveiled as one of the items for display in one of the top figure roadshows in japan.

Her entrance echoed throughout the industry that when pre-orders came up it was immediately sold out. Lucky for me i was able to get my reservations via Wasabi Toys here in my country. All that i had to endure was the long wait since her release kept getting delayed month after month after month.

Upon getting her today, i finally was able to say that all that long wait was worth it. Her form, the craftsmanship and every little thing about her is just astonishing. Wasabi Toys sold her at 135.00 USD ( 6,300 PHP / 12,240 JPY ) which is very reasonable and worth every coin/cent.

What i frustrated me a bit was installing her chain around her arms. Had to use the wire that went along the item to create my own chain loop. Regardless it’s still mesmerizing every time i look at her. I’ll be doing a full review of her once i get my D-SLR which is around the month of February.


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