~The Promised Sword of Victory Excalibur~ Saber 1/7

Saber wielding "The Hammer of the Wind King" sword

Lots of wallet slashing figurines are to be released this 2010. Aside from the Black Rock Shooter Anime Ver. Saber makes another appearance in her elegant Fate Stay Night outfit. Presenting ” The Promised Sword of Victory Excalibur” Saber scale 1/7.

What more can one say about Saber’s popularity which has risen to unknown borders. Saber Lily was the main reason as to why this one made an appearance. Regardless, this Saber makes herself unique with her pose and the intricate sculpting detail.

This saber again will come with two sword variations and one of them is the Hammer of the Wind King Sword as seen in the image above.

Saber will be up for pre-orders tomorrow so if you want yours to arrive earlier than the rest then it’d be best for you to check the sites where you can get them such as Amiami, Play-Asia & HLJ.
More details at Mika-tan’s Blog.


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