WonFest Goodies

WonFest is nearing and Good Smile has announced some of the goodies that will hit the racks of the said festival.

As seen from the two photos above. Saber Lily Avalon gets another exclusive release as she hits enthusiasts with her “NO ARMOR” look. Definitely worth adding to a Saber enthusiast. Saber Lily will be sold at 9,000 JPY

Another one will be Mio and Ritsu Live Stage Nendoroid release. Re-enacting some of the popular scenarios of the said series. These to little cuties will surely be a must get especially for K-ON! fans out there. Not to mention K-ON! Season 2 was just announced recently too! The said two items will be sold at 8,000 JPY.

For those who don’t want to get the snow album but wishes to get Snow Miku then here’s your chance to get that little Snow Petite. WonFest will release her as one of the goodies under Good Smile. Miku fans must not let this one slip!

There are other items that will hit the racks come Wonfest such as Figma Hirasawa Ui & Lucky Star characters. You get a more in-depth information about these goodies by visiting the GSC Wonfest site.
WonFest will be conducted this 7th of February in Japan.


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