Figma Hirasawa Yui & Ui

K-ON! finally gets figma-tized as the Hirasawa sisters, Ui and Yui becomes the first characters of the show to be added to your collection.

While it may not be that surprising that K-ON! characters will get the figma treatment. The quality to be done to theses girls seem awesome. Yui will showcase different faces including a blank face wherein you can scribble it and not to mention her “GUITAH” Les Paul and even it’s case will be in the accessories.

And like what was stated earlier, Hirasawa Ui who is Yui’s young sister who is a direct opposite of her which is one of her charms is also getting the treatment. Simplicity is one of her good points and the seem to have done the same thing on the figma which for me is a good way to portray her. The girls will be available come Wonder Festival (WonFes) of February 7th.

More details by heading out to figma blog.


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