On Creative Blogging: Changing Gears of Reflectia to NendoGamer

Huge change for the year 2010. Blogging is definitely one of the best things that i have done so far in my life. Blogging has helped me stay focused on my goals, ideals and principles. it even allowed me to gain a new insight on things around me.

In the past, i never knew that blogging will be a fun experience. It was around year 2000 when i first started blogging random stuff about my own life and how i was very unproductive at that time. It was more about qualms rather than noticing what was really out there. Overall you could say that i was just messing around the internet itself. Playing online games, watching anime, playing Magic The Gathering card games etc. My blog contents was a huge mess as it went from qualms to just plain rants and requesting for help on matters in life. Almost like what a total loser would do except that i wasn’t anywhere near it.

Things took a different turn when i decided to take it seriously especially when i geared my blogging to deviantart.com. In my stay there, i learned how to do CG art better than how i was able to do it before. Was taught by the tutorials given out by elsevilla, messa, raynkazuya, daimida, kidchan and most of all my mentor “Omar-Dogan“. Everything was fine back then but there was still something lacking. That said, i set sail once more to look for that lacking piece out in the fields once again.

During the time of what some people say “Soul Searching”. I was finally able to get a real hobby which is photography. Although around that time i was just using an Olympus Fixed Lens Camera digital camera with 6mp capabilities. Pretty much exhausted the poor thing until it broke around 2009. Another one was figure collecting which started with a Revoltech Saber Alter. I was determined to start anew again. This time however I ended with my own blog which was Reflectia.890m.com hosted at 00webhost. I started to blog about anime series which are currently airing in japan, games, music and even some incoming figure releases. I never took notice of the time during those days. I was having fun as i write those articles and started to gain audience. Sadly everything has it’s end as what we all say and calamity struck the said site.

But endings are also marks a beginning itself. One spark of that beginning was due to the blogger known to the anime/otaku industry as “Danny Choo”. Words of wisdom and new principles were given to me with his entries. So right after the said calamity, Reflectia RX opened up at WordPress and is now housing the old audience of reflectia.890m and new visitors everyday. Catering with the same content of reflectia which are anime, figure & game reviews. Although the anime series reviews were removed due to the limitations of the host itself. But limitations are something that one must overcome. A hurdle that one must jump over to be able to make the next step towards accomplishment.

And now this 2010 i have finally decided that it’s time to gather everything that i’ve gained and yield it all. So coming this end of January or early February i will open up a new site which is “NendoGamer”, a site that will host game reviews, updates, Magic the Gathering announcements, events, anime reviews of the latest epsiodes airing in japan, cosplay events in my country, Creative Blogging articles and last but not the least the usual figure updates and reviews. What will happen to ReflectiaRX? Content will still be posted but this will just become a satellite to the main site. What’s the title of the site? I will announce it here too so stay tuned ^_^V


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