Comiket 77 Figure Updates (C77)

It’s that time of the year once again to celebrate Winter Comiket in Japan. Comiket is not only filled with cosplay and doujinshi but it also has it’s fair share of figure releases of the coming year 2010.

To begin, we start with the return of Saber in her original outfit. With he success of Saver Lily Avalon figure, the same company is proud to present another Saber yet this time in her original outfit. A lovely sight indeed despite the impending damage it will do to every collector’s wallet.

With the recent boom in the Black Rock Shooter Hatsune Miku franchise. Good Smile and Max Factory now shows us that they are planning to release a Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid come 2010. If you have the Black Rock Shooter Figure then this is definitely a must for you. Make you wonder however when will they start the production for a FIGMA version of her.

The moe-ness charisma of K-ON! never stopped from the last episode of the series. As seen above, Azusa Nakano gets a Nendoroid rendition along with the other girls which are scheduled for 2010 ( Mio was already released at the last quarter of 2009 ).

Can’t get enough of stapler girl Senjougahara? Well here’s your chance to get them on your rack. Bakemonogatari Nendoroid Puchi are to be released this 2010. each character will be available. I wonder if this will have a special puchi like the Vocaloid series.

Speaking of puchi releases in 2010, Fate Stay Night makes a comback in the Nendoroid line after the major success of the Ultimate Blade Works animation. Sakura, Rin, Saber, Illya & Rider are the current ones that are confirmed in this puchi release.

Who can ever forget the success of Touhou character Hakurei Reimu. As one of the most popular characters in the said title, Reimu gets another shot to be added in your collection in different forms.

If you’re after one of the badass women of last year then here’s your chance to get them. Isayama Yomi of Ga-Rei Zero and Rider of Fate Stay Night gets a Figma rendition thanks to Max Factory and Good Smile. A must buy especially for the fans of Isayama Yomi and those enthusiasts with a hard Rider fetish.

Figma goes old school in a cute way as they bring us Lamu from the series “lamu the Invader Girl”. Not sure if this is something to look forward but looking at craftsmanship. One might wonder if paying the price for this is worth the bikini and boots stripped with tiger lines.

There are still a lot to cover on C77 for we still have the cosplay category so stay tuned here.
more photos via HobbyStock ( japanese site )


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