1/8 Marvel Bishoujo Psylocke by Kotobukiya

If one plans to collect Bishoujo figurines then this title line is a must for them. Marvel & Kotobukiya is proud to present another addition to their Marvel Bishoujo Collection, Psylocke.

Psylocke is one of the X-Men characters that made a huge impact on the comic world itself. The figure is based upon “Shunya Yamashita’s Artwork”

one thing to note on this figurine is the slick outlook of it plus it was able to portray Psylocke’s sultry body. Even in the comic version, her curves have allured a lot of comic enthusiasts and this one even managed to double that amount.

Equiped with a pair of katana in each hand. Psylocke will surely snag her way in not only in the wallets of the enthusiasts but also in their hearts. Pre-orders are up and running on different sites which you can refer to below. Marvel Bishoujo line also has the following characters: Scarlet Witch, Black Widow & Rogue.

Item: Marvel Bishoujo Psylocke 1/8 by Kotobukiya
Designer: Shunya Yamashita
Product Type: X-Men Figure
Est. Weight: 800g
Release Date : [ETR] April 2010

Jlist / JBox


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