Nendoroid Saber Lily – Review –

Got my hands on Nendoroid Saber Lily a few days ago so here’s a full review of her. Presenting “Saber Lily Nendoroid” by Max Factory.

There are only a handful of Nendoroid created by max Factory that had the appeal even if it’s still inside the box or is under the pre-order status. Saber Lily was among those few Nendoroid items that was able to do so.

So who entirely is Saber Lily? She happens to be Saber herself although this time around she is represented as a Princess instead of a King which you can see if you play the game “Fate Unlimited Codes” which is available for the PSP and PS2 consoles.

On thing that makes this Saber Lily cute is that the intricate details done on her. The creases on her dress, the wave motion on her hair are no exemption to that. Not to mention the facial expressions that went along this item was really cute.

On thing that you can do take note of when buying these kinds of releases is that the fun they incorporated in them. Nendoroids can interchange their bodies/heads thus resulting to load-full of fun.

"Saber Lily & Hatsune Miku in cosplay"

She also comes with different hands plus an arm that can replicate (sort of) the Saber Lily Avalon figurine pose. Overall the said arm was the most confusing part to any Saber Lily Nendo owner since the arm itself is somewhat near a twisted in a very strange way. Either way if one knows how to use it then you will be able to accomplish the Avalon look.

Overall, getting her was one of the best decisions that i have made in for my collection and not to mntion i am now planning to add her in my flagship of models for this blog. The main flagship holder is the one that you will see below although she doesn’t want a review of her until i get my SLR in my rig (which is sometime in end of december or early January)

If you wish to obtain her you can try the following online shopping websites:


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