Digital Gaming News 16

Games overload as Digital Gaming News returns on it’s 16th entry with Gran Turismo updates, God of War III & Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Slim skin with goodies.

Final Fantasy Goodies.

With just a few days away from it’s release. Square-Enix has presented the gamers one hellaluva treat by making the PS3 Slim an arm for the fans as presented at the photos that you see here.

Final Fantasy XIII will have it’s very own PS3 skin with Lightning as it’s design rendered in pink and the unit itself observing a white sleek finish which is a definite “MUST” on every fan that waited for the said game.

Another one that will surely burn the gas from your pockets will be the Original Soundtrack that they are also going to shipout. It comes in two pricey flavors, one more deluxe and limited than the other.

The standard edition of composer Masashi Hamauzu’s score to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game comes on four discs and in an attractive slipcase for an asking price 3990 yen (about $45 USD). The more deluxe-ified package, dubbed the “First Cut Limited Edition,” features a fifth disc, fancier packaging and a heftier price tag of 5250 yen (about $58). Overall and regardless of the price, i’m pretty sure this will end up as a “SOLD OUT” item when it hits the stores. Final Fantasy XIII Japanese release will hit the shelves come December 17th of 2009.


Gran Turismo coming March?

That’s right folks, Gran Turismo 5 will hit japan come this March of 2010. As for the denizens of the West side, a bit of a longer wait for us for even the release date itself is still in the wraps. Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Chris Hinojosa-Miranda has told Destructoid that the game is currently – and vaguely – gunning for a “summer 2010” release. Which overall, Summer in a 4 seasoned country is sometime in “JUNE”.


God of War III Completed!

Makers of God Of War III finally gave the gamers good news by stating that the game is up and ready for it’s scheduled release of March 2010. The publisher and the development team are only tweaking the graphics itself and some minor changes but not on the story itself. They are doing this to assure that the gamers who will purchase the game will not be disappointed and will give them a very satisfactory remark.



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