Hatsune Miku: VN02 Figure by Max Factory

Not enough Miku items to adore your favorite vocaloid character? Here’s another one aside from World is Mine and Black Rock Shooter. Max Factory proudly brings to us, “VN02- Hatsune Miku”.

Intricately sculpted to life, this version of the popular Vocaloid diva “Hatsune Miku” is stunningly represented in this masterpiece. A collaboration between the popular illustrator Nagimiso and Max Factory brings a figure of this cybernetic Miku, which was originally illustrated by Nagimiso as a character for the VN02mix of Miku Hatsune’s original song ‘moon’.

Placed in an elegant pose as if soaring through the air, this version of Miku is far more than just a robotic version of Miku, it’s a carefully designed decorative masterpiece – a bold, yet finely crafted figure that will suit virtually any collection!

She’s now up for pre-orders at your favorite online anime/otaku store.


more details via GoodSmile Co. ENG site.


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