Game Review: GrandChase New Trailer

Levelupgames PH has released a new video for Grand Chase PH. Here’s a short review of the said video.

To start the review, we begin with the animation. Environment rendering such as the buildings, lighting and angle of frames are splendidly done. Although when it came to the close up view during Elesis’ battle and the leaping movement of Lass, the frames were noticably cut a bit of a scale. There were a lot of short comings especially on Lass’ scene as he assaulted certain monsters. Facial expression as portrayed by each character were a bit limited. They could have gone more animetic eyed or mangwah styled on it to accomplish a better feel for each character. In a nutshell, it’s a bit forgivable given that it’s only a 1 minute video that contained fluid movements to emphasize the uniqueness of each character in the video.

Moving forward to the scene when Sieghart, Elesis & Amy were about to do battle with Astaroth. The entrance they did for Astaroth was not too flashy nor is it shabby. The fiery effects accomplished a striking feel towards the viewers which in the end will make them watch the video until the end. The downside of that scene is where Ronan comes in as an Abyss Knight, one of the classes made available in this game, leaping and puncturing the ground with an attack. Viewers might get confused as they have not seen the the character’s face itself and only it’s back. New players will definitely be left wondering who is the said individual is.

Another one was the explosion made by Astaroth upon attacking Amy, Seighart, Ronan and Elesis. I do know it was meant to be in order to showcase Sieghart doing an attack but there can be atleast more in that scene like a clash within the two said God-send characters but nonetheless there was none of that.

Going with the sound, it was a bit on the plain side given that it only gave a beating tune. A song itself with lyrics sung by a woman would make a huge difference which goes the same with the story telling since it was very vague especially as to how they transitioned a wilderness battle towards a tower battle and ending it with a battle with Astaroth.

Overall, the video was enjoying but not to the point that it was able to leave a lasting impression despite a cliffhanger done by Sieghart. There is always room for improvement as featured in this video which we can expect if another version of this gets released. The video gets the final rating of 3 out 5.

Animation – 4
Sound – 3
Story – 3
Enjoyment – 3
Average score ( Final Score ) 3 out of 5


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