Yes, you read right, ECCHI’s night.. No, it won’t be an evening filled with eroge or ero-games, naughty pink tentacles and hot steamy scenes from the latest doujin nor a marathon of the latest H-OVA’s.

We cordially invite you to ECCHI’s NIGHT!!

Hobbyist and
Ink-slingers’ Night

A humble gathering of people who share the same interests to share good stories over good food.

And since most of us will be meeting for the first time, be prepared to introduce yourself, your blog, your favorite figure, cosplays you do, or what manner of fetishism you delve in to.

We also humbly request that you bring your calling cards. Who knows, You might get lucky and bring a new friend home! We’ve reserved a small area for about 20-30 people, so if you want to go, let us know. Comment, IM or email us. And if you’re sure, be sure.
See you there!

Venue: Dec. 18, 2009, 1800H (6:00 PM Manila Time), Gloria Maris Dimsum Kitchen, Club Filipino Ave., Greenhills Shopping Complex, San Juan
Budget: Php300-500

Since the area is quite small, for those who wish to bring a companion, please limit it to one, and be sure to let them know what they’ll be in for. Just as well, I wouldn’t recommend going in cosplay, but if you really, and I mean REALLY want to go in cosplay, keep it simple. We’re there to eat and chat after all.

For further details please send us an email at:



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