Nendoroid Fate Testarossa

Moe goodness overload in this entry as Fate Testarossa’s Nendoroid version finally gets a full glance plus update as to where you can pre-order her.

In-line with the upcoming 1st movie of the ever so popular “Magical Lyrical Nanoha”, Fate Testarossa not only joins the Figma line along with Nanoha but she got her chance to be yours/ours as a Nendoroid version too.

The amazing thing here is that Arf, who we all know as the familiar who accompanies Fate throughout the show is added in this release although she’s in her puppy form (NOTE: she also has her wolf-like form).

So far, the said nendoroid will come with Arf and “Baradiche” in Scythe form plus some moe faces for enthusiasts to enjoy.

So Nanoha & Fate Fans unite as the said two items will head the shelves in the coming months with Fate Testarossa’s preorder opening tomorrow JST Time.

Images courtesy of Mika-Tan’s Blog.


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