Digital Gaming News 15

The tide of the gaming industry is at it’s peak as winter is nearing and special treats are coming. On this week’s issue we have Microsoft denying the massive ban implementation on Xbox Live accounts, some hot Ninja Gaiden costumes & Some Starcraft 2 news.

Ninja Gaiden Costume DLC

One of the most recent updates for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is a brand new wardrobe for the characters which will surely make players enjoy their gaming time to the max. Costing only 4USD, the said extravaganza is one thing that i can consider “Money well spent”.


Microsoft denies the Apocalyptic move over Xbox Live.

Microsoft’s XBOX Live last action sent a huge tremor all over the world. Apparently a huge amount of Xbox Live enthusiasts ended up getting their accounts banned from the said network. The said banning was under the move “To eliminate piracy”. Although the story still goes on but this time around, Microsoft denies that such incident occured. Entirely, GM Marc Whitten made the statement “I cannot explain to you why people would think it was a million people. It wasn’t a million people”. SO yeah i guess in total it may never be a million, just 999,999 users.


Starcraft II Updates

Blizzard all time favorite game, STARCRAFT which is getting a sequel coming this first quarter of 2010 known as Starcraft II recently had it’s a site update. THe updates includes a peek on S2’s single player modes, campaigns and some added details to the Zerg’s Changeling and other cool stuff. You can drop by their site to see it for yourself.


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