Digital Gaming News 14


For this week’s entry we have Sony updating us on it’s sales for the PS3, PSP, PS2 and other devices. The much awaited Tekken 6 Console Release Rants and Raves. Assassins Creed Lineage Videos & Nintendo’s DSi LL release facts.


Sony Sales on PS3 goes up while other went downhill.

Sony has currently reported a decrease of 24.2 percent in their sales during the financial period of September 2009 as to comparing it to last years September of 2008. As Sony states ” The decrease itself is mainly due to the low demand on the VAIO PC & Game Sales”. As we all know in today’s gaming market, Sony is currently in the scene of PC, Portable Gaming Console & Home/Entertainment Gaming Console. One fact as to why Sony is currently experiencing a huge downfall on it’s sales can be seen in their recently released unit which is the PSP GO which only sold a few units worldwirde. Gamers and enthusiasts seem to took note of the fact that not every portable product nor any product of Sony is worth the money if it will just end up a pile of crap in a few months.


Tekken 6 RELEASED for the Xbox360 and PS3

Tekken enthusiasts have been rejoicing in the past few days (which includes myself) as namco finally shelved their most awaited game title “TEKKEN 6 for console” on the gaming market. Fans of the said game are currently engaged in finishing up the scenario mode as well as acquiring the needed fashion for their characters before hitting on the online battles as offered by the said game. Below are some of the scenes and also a game review (done by GameTrailers) of Tekken 6.


Assasins Creed Lineage Videos

As per the last post report on Assassins Creed Lineage. Here is the first part of the video of the said Arc.


DSi LL of Nintendo: TO BUY or NOT TO BUY?

Nintendo has just recently announced that it will release a new version of it’s DSi which will now be known as DSi LL. The new version of the said portable console boasts a whoppin
25% increase in the screen size allowing users/gamers/players (especially Love PLUS enthusiasts) to experience the game in a bigger aspect but on the downside of it is that it also boast an increase of 33% in it’s weight and bulky design when compared to it’s ancestors.
The video above showcased the DSi LL comparison towards it’s siblings as to how much it grew in a short span of time. As for getting the said portable console? I’d be staying out of it any way that i can for it aint worth it if it’s going to be as big as a gamegear.


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