Digital Gaming News 13


In this week’s issue, Xbox360 is going BlueRay? Some Dragon Age for the PS3 Update, & Bayonetta Madness


Xbox360 to go BlueRay?

The speculated news started after Gizmodo had an exclusive interview with Microsofts CEO’s Steve Ballmer. For now, they are just releasing a few clips or snippets of the interview. One of the clips that was aired was the controversial “BLUE-RAY Add-on accessory for the Xbox360.” Gamers are now in a huge fuss as to if this holds any truth and if it did then why did microsoft only though of it now. In the interview with Gizmodo, Steve Ballmer informs them that users will “be able to get Blue-Ray drives as accessories”. In the end, a lot of players & owners of XBOX360 are angered as to “WHY DID THIS ADD-ON NEVER CAME EARLIER”.


Dragon Age Updates for the PS3

News have also been circulating regarding the PS3 release of Dragon Age will get a delayed release as to it’s Xbox360 and PC counterparts. Retail shops have listed the said game for a November 17th release date but Bioware later clarified that such release date is just a hoax. The PC, Xbox360 & PS3 version of their game will his the shelves all together coming this November 3rd of this year.


Bayonetta Madness

So the sultry, seductive and fast paced action game of Sega “Bayonetta” which also have won the hearts fo Xbox360 gamers in terms of graphics is getting a major propaganda in terms of advertisement all over the net and even in the local streets/areas in japan. The said game is slated for release come this October 26th in Japan and it was just recently reported that two large posters in Shinjuku with fliers that can be pulled off. No idea as to what is underneath those since it can only be accessed via the special Bayonetta cell phone site. The poster is 6ft long and has the phrase like “”If you didn’t peel it off, it would have been a peaceful day” and “This women, she’s the scent of taboo”. The posters will be on display from October 26 to November 1.


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